Introducing… Jarrod McKenna

I want to take a minute to introduce a mate of mine who is going to be new contributor to this blog.

There aren’t too many younger people out there who really make me think and force me to grapple with the questions of what it means to follow Jesus, but Jarrod is one of them and I have really valued his friendship and input into my life.


Here’s a short bio he wrote about himself for our Forge WA website. There will be more to come soon:

Jarrod McKenna finds it funny that bios are written in the third person. Jarrod’s not anything special just someone who’s seeking to live God’s love. Realising he can’t do that on his own, he’s been one of the catalysts for the Peace Tree commune who pray to embody God’s grace by gardening, dumpster diving, housing the homeless and refugees, sharing their stuff, working with prisoners and the unemployed, loving their enemies and other things that witness to the kingdom. Jarrod also trains activists in nonviolence at the invitation of groups like Greenpeace, the Wilderness Society and the Young United Nations. He’s the founder of EPYC “Empowering Peacemakers” for which he has been nominated for a bunch of stuff and including being the the youngest person to be awarded the Donald Groom Peace Fellowship for his work for peace and eco-justice. He likes it when people give him hugs. He picks his nose when others aren’t looking.

For a more indepth bio go here.

Currently he has a blog here download dead like me divx , but he will now be writing on ‘backyard’ also as a way of provoking use to think differently about life, faith and the kingdom of God.

Welcome mate!

8 thoughts on “Introducing… Jarrod McKenna

  1. hey man… Peace out dude.. how are you jarrod?? im frm narrogin senior high… dunno if ya remember me or not ay… lol… YOUR SO COOL DUDE!! peace out and keep tha kool stuff coming…

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