12 thoughts on “Inventions

  1. Shame to say it, but our nearest stockist is in Queensland. We might need a she-wee between here and there! Have to order online perhaps…

    The instructions are a scream!

    ‘Aim away from the body… away from the feet!’

    We teach our sons to do that when they’re 4!!

    Ok… sometimes they don’t get it until they are 44, but still!

  2. Or perhaps a ‘kee-wee-she-pee’?

    Ok, now we’re away…

    Service stations could stock them… one might be the BP-She-Wee

    Hospitals may like to investigate using the CT-She-Wee

    Girls from your more ‘boganesque’ regions could invest in the VB-She-Wee

    It’s Saturday night.

    I’m home.

    I’m on the computer talking about urinary possibilities for women who don’t want to wait in line.

    It rocks being me!!

  3. She-wee looks great.

    I decided last year that next time I go camping that I am going to take old peoples (incontinence) nappies for myself and my boys so I don’t even have to get out of the sleeping bag and go out in the cold and the wet – for me or the kids.

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