iPhone iMpressions

After playing around with Phil’s

iPhone last week and finding it intriguing, I thought I’d explore getting one. The cost of changing over came to a grand $50.00… so as one who likes to explore new things I lauched out and upgraded on my current plan.

So now I have an iPhone…

I am not an apple junkie, but thought it time I had a look at least.

So far after 3 days here are my thoughts.

* It does look nice and it ‘feels’ good, but then so do plenty of other phones out there.

* I like the display and the quality of image it gives.

* No video camera is not a big deal, but still a bit dumb.

* I find the connectivity pretty ordinary. I got great net reception with my E65, but this one loses the 3G signal regularly and seems to be very slow to pick up and respond to our wireless signal. Not very impressed there. I have been told (by tech support) I need to switch off 3G when around a wireless signal as it makes it hard for the phone to know where to connect. Sounds like a ‘dumb-phone’ to me.

* On that I missed two calls today while at home because the phone lost the signal. My other phone never did that and it is the same carrier… weird or dodgy?

* I discovered ‘apps’ last night and that was fun. There are heaps of very cool and interesting things to waste heaps of time on! Quite impressed with that aspect of things. Now I have a spirit level on my phone…

* The much talked about battery life is definitely an issue. It is SHIT! I am lucky to get a day out of it and that is with the upgraded OS. Its a major reason to think twice I reckon.

* I thought it would have allowed you to store all sorts of files eg word, pdf etc, but it seems to be a media player and not much more. I thought I could store a bunch of docs and PPs and access them anytime but maybe not. 16Gigs will take a while to fill…

* The gps thru google is pretty cool and some of the similar apps are also pretty handy. Great to play with on the train when you are bored.

* My kids like this phone much better – in fact they are playing with it now… a good, but very expensive toy!

* I couldn’t see an app like ‘sailing clicker’ (for controlling powerpoint shows remotely) – which I guess there won’t be until Apple upgrades their bluetooth system.

* I am told they don’t scratch easily, but I’m guessing that if I keep it I will get a case of some kind as well as some accessories to keep it charged up.

Given they sell in ebay for around $900.00 I am not too worried. Its got another week to prove itself before it gets listed!

Oh – and with regards to how it functions as a phone?… Not bad but nothing amazing either.

Sorry I am less impressed than I should be Apple junkies. Maybe you can show me where I am missing something?

It feels a little like when a movie built up to be something amazing, but when you actually get to see it, you find it ok, but not much more…

How have others found it?…

Anyone else re-considering?

11 thoughts on “iPhone iMpressions

  1. Perhaps i’m just stubborn, but the fact that so many folks seem to be telling me I ‘just gotta have one’, is probably the main reason I feel I just don’t want one!

    But then I’ve alwyas been a rebel…..

  2. |There’s an application called Air Sharing. Allows you to store files like .pdf’s and .doc’s on your phone, or iPod. It’s free. Have only just downloaded it myself so can’t comment yet.

  3. I deeply dislike the fact that it’s “cool.” When guys in record stores compliment my phone choice I worry.

    Air Sharing handles the document thing rather well. Oblique strategies is now available as a free app. The Facebook app is my main portal for social networking now. The maps are a lifesaver as the HK cabs can read directions off it in Cantonese!

    I’ve found that battery life improves dramatically if I switch off the push setting and go for manual data updates.

  4. Others have covered the file sharing stuff. I find I lose 3G on a rainy day – go figure. Apart from that reception is good and I’ve had no issues with it finding my wifi connection – don’t know what they issue with yours is. Battery life is crap – you can buy portable chargers that you charge (!) and carry with you to recharge your iPhone when you need to (I don’t have one). And what’s the story with no native task list?

    Apps are great and make up for some of the short comings (which will be addressed in future OS updates).

    Edwards, have you actually used one of these things? It beats the HTC Slide hands down. I’ve not used a slide but I know the iPhone beats it b/c the slide isn’t made by Apple ๐Ÿ˜€ (I’m kidding OK?) But seriously, this thing isn’t just a smart phone – if that’s all your after, this is overkill for you.

    But I’ve gone from 3 devices (phone, iPod, PDA) to one that is superior to any of them, so for my needs, I’m happy. And I get a seriously good casual gaming platform as a bonus (when do i get the time for that?)

    And yes, I’m an Apple fan ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. ๐Ÿ™‚ Alex…I have used one, my friend has one. It is great for giving to your kids to play games with on a long trip…..mmmm…thats what my son has a DS for….. ๐Ÿ™‚

    or, for doing this during a boring meeting…

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