A few years back (ok 20 or so…) I was a reasonable basketballer and won a few trophies.

Early in our marriage while I was still playing competitvely I would put them on display somewhere around the house, but then we moved house to Lesmurdie and I packed all 30 or so up in a banana box and they never saw the light of day.

When we moved to Butler they stayed in the same banana box, except for a short time when my kids discovered them and wanted to know about them.

With this house move I decided to ditch them. After all they had sat in the same banana box for 15 years and never been looked at so there was no point keeping them any longer I reasoned. I took them down to the tip and handed them over at recycling. I can’t say it was particularly sad/significant or otherwise. It simply felt like handing over stuff that once had meaning but was now just plastic and wood.

No one had seen these trophies in 15 years and no one was ever likely to see them again. Might as well make them landfill…

The funny thing is that they have been on ‘display’ at the local tip for a couple of months now. Friends have seen them and told me – taken an embrassing picture even – and then today I went to Tamala (I like to think of it as the local Ikea) to search for a flyscreen door and as I walked around I saw them proudly displayed for all to see.

Just when I had given up on fame…

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