Is God a Psycho?

I have an atheist friend who loves to debate religion and matters of faith. She is very sharp, always fun to debate with, and asks all the tough questions. I like her! The other night as we were chatting she asked to have a look at a Bible. Another friend brought out one from her childhood and we carried on the conversation.

She opened the Bible randomly to explore it and this was what she read. Its from the story of the golden calf:

Exo 32:27 and he said to them, “The LORD God of Israel commands you to strap on your swords and go through the camp, killing your relatives, your friends, and your neighbors.” 28 The men of the Levi tribe followed his orders, and that day they killed about three thousand men.

“What is your God on about?!!” she asks.

Fair question I’d say…

How would you respond?

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