Is it Broke?

I reckon the last 8 days have been a quite embarassment for the Australian people as we have been unable to form a government and even now it still looks pretty shaky.

Which leads me to ask ‘is it the system that needs fixing?’

When all of Australia votes and it then ends up all coming down to the goodwill of 3 or 4 independents isn’t that a pretty dodgy system? Perhaps it needs a damn good overhaul.

Now of course it will be interesting to see how strong each parties convictions actually are and what turns out to be up for grabs. To sell out on your (apparent) convictions is going to really look bad for the major parties, but then if they aren’t willing to compromise it could be the end of the road for one of them.

Who’d like to be in that position hey?…

3 thoughts on “Is it Broke?

  1. I hear what you are saying…

    but I think Australia should be proud of the orderly way the country keeps running, despite the uncertainty.

    what it does show is that this has been the least inspiring election ever…one bereft of visionary leadership

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