Is the Emerging Church Just Passing Thru?

Each Wednesday I meet up with a small group of guys who are also in the process of thinking thru what it means to do mission and be church in this 21st C. Its one of those informal groups that has managed to sustain itself on some good relationships for over 2 years now.

This Wed the question we will tossing around is this one:

With the National Forge Summit about to happen” is the ’emerging missional church’ likely to be a movement that will ‘replace’ the existing church or is it a movement within the established church that will exist for a while, bring some reform and then disappear when its time is up? Is it the 21st C equiv of a vineyard like movement that calls the church back to some core truths or is it the way of the future for the church as a whole? My good mate Stu Wesley sees that the EMC may be a ‘calling back’ to core stuff, while another good friend, Alan Hirsch has said the established church has 10 years left before we start to make the shift to ’emc’ types of churches as the dominant form.

Sound like an interesting conversation?…

Its not a closed group, so if anyone wants to join in you can rock up to Kailis Bros Cafe in Oxford St Leederville at 7.30am this Wednesday morning. I’m looking forward to hearing the thoughts.

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