Itinerant Indigent

My links on the left don’t seem to be working at the moment for some reason. When they get up and going again you will notice a new favourite in the ‘backyard blogs’.

Phil Sparrow is an old friend / work colleague and multi-talented man who has some valuable stuff to say – often in the form of cartoon

. Phil has been an aid worker in Afghanistan and is looking at heading back there later this year with his wife and family. He is also an author, speaker and photographer.

If you don’t mind a very honest and sometimes cynical look at the life of faith then Phil’s blog will be your cup of tea!

1 thought on “Itinerant Indigent

  1. don’t know if it’s a post-return change or not, but i’ve noticed my advance from “People Kind Enough to link here” to “Oz Blogs”

    i just need to re-add you now :-p

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