Its All Worth it for The One…

So goes the evangelism self talk we hear about evangelistic events that see just one person respond – sometimes because they are the only ‘non-christian’ present anyway…

Rod commented on this in my previous post – and it is a thought I actually wanted to address myself.

Is it really all worth it for the one?

Ought we think that way?

I wonder about the time and energy that goes into running evangelistic events for ‘the one’. I wonder if time would be better spent out amongst ‘the one’.

Actually I don’t wonder.

A decent evangelistic event where people who don’t know Jesus actually front up and are engaged is a valuable thing, but they’re as rare as Tasmanian tigers. Having run plenty and spoken at plenty I know its more often than not preaching to the converted.

And it is all worth it for the one? Maybe we could use our resources more effectively and reach 10 or 20 or 50 even?…

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