Its Been a While…

Its been a while since I’ve written anything of substance on here – a reflection of a life that has some re-ordered priorities these days.

Its at times like these that I consider giving blogging away – as if there is nothing left to say and truth is maybe there is nothing ‘new’ to say. But occasionally I have moments of inspiration and I need somewhere to dump them, so I am not going to give it up any time soon.

Anyway here’s a few random reflections of life now that we are back and in the swing of everyday life again…

– Currently I am working 2 days / week at Quinns Community Baptist Church as the team leader and the other 3 days are spent in my own business (Brighton Reticulation) Oddly I enjoy these roles equally but that’s probably because I don’t see the calling of the retic bloke as being any different to the church leader bloke. I am realising that there is a limit to what you can do in 2 days/week leading a community but that’s probably not bad as it means we have to share the workload. At this stage I am very happy to keep going in this mode. The last time I was paid 2 days a week by a church I was a workaholic youth pastor who pretty much did nothing else so I achieved a lot, but also had a flimsy marriage. These days I’m not a workaholic and while I’m prepared to go hard, I’m not ever going back to those crazy days. My drivenness is much less and I think I am a healthier person for it.

– We have pretty much stopped watching TV. We got out of the habit while we were away and it has stuck. I still take up residence in the chair in front of the tv, but now I tend to read. There is very little on the telly that I actually enjoy but before going we would sometimes use it to veg. I imagine that would be an easy habit to cultivate again…

– My life is now very very local. Our faith community and my business all happen in a very small cluster of suburbs – Clarkson and north – so that is both good and bad. Having had the ND role with Forge I was involved nationally and travelled often and my other hat of coach to Baptist youth pastors kept me in the loop of all that was going on in the wider state scene (even if it was a bit Baptist!) I’m not sure how I will cope with being so localised. It might be more enjoyable. I might get bored. Currently I don’t have time to get bored so that is good.

– I just discovered another family are leaving our street in the next 6 weeks. And then another of the long termers leave in 6 months… I am pondering what it means to live in the midst of such rapid transience and to try and remain stable. We came to Brighton with a very local focus of mission – ie. street and suburb, but I am wondering if that was too narrow now. I know that in the broader community (Clarkson north) I know a heap of people, but my street and suburb is shifting quickly. Interesting…

– We haven’t just seen our street change, but we have also lost one family of very close friends and two others who were part of our Upstream community are getting ready to leave. Losing 3 sets of close friends is a huge bugger and leaves us a little sad. We are looking forwards to getting to know the people in QCBC better, but there is no substitute for friends you have know for 10-20 years and with whom friendship has become strong and easy.

– Its been good to get back on my Sunbeam Coffee Machine. It kicks the Breville’s butt! Having said that the little Breville did a sterling job while we were away.

Oddly enough I am off down town today to have lunch with the Forge WA crew – one of my rare trips south of Joondalup!

2 thoughts on “Its Been a While…

  1. So you’re now the perfect family to welcome new people to the street. Tell them what’s going on, provide a bottle of wine, etc. Instant neighbourly friends.

  2. I reckon you’d have to be very sure of 1. your calling and 2. your strengths/what you offer when it comes to working 2 days/wk within a local church. Much easier to do it 5 days a week and be 1. the expert and 2. the only one putting that kind of time into the role.

    I’m seeing more and more that it’s not the time/effort you put into a church-based role that counts, but how others are drawn into participation and activity (as opposed to busyness) based on how you use the 2 days you have.

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