Its Been a While

And its likely to be a bit longer as tomorrow we are off to Busselton on our annual Brighton camp withp8 or 9 other families from around the area. We’ll be gone till next Wednesday and I’m hoping to relax, spend some time with family & friends and read a few good books. I love reading while on holidays as it almost takes you into another world.

I’m having one of those ‘not much to say’ periods, so when its like that I try not to say too much. I don’t like it when people drone on and on when they ought to just shut up!

However for those who are interested here are some quick life updates:

* Probably the biggest shift in the last month or so has been our joining with Quinns Baptist and taking over leadership there. While I do so with some reserve, I also have been enjoying the experience. Having solid practical work for 3 or 4 days a week outside of the church has meant that my ‘2 days’ of employment doesn’t simply explode into 5 – because it can’t. It hasn’t been hard to slot in and it feels quite familiar. I guess its a bit like riding a bike…

* Business has been quite busy, but not over the top. If we were staying in Perth this week I would actually have no jobs on – yet – which is quite unusual. I think there is definitely a higher degree of caution being exercised by people on their spending and it will be interesting to see what develops over the next couple of years. I know I could get more work by advertising more and being prepared to work in more diverse areas, but then that’s not what I want to do…

* Our long holiday is approaching fast. We leave just after Easter and that is barely 12 weeks away. It was thrown into a bit of a spin when we discovered 2 days before Christmas that we had lost an absolute shitload of money in an investment. Its a long story and not one that I am fond of telling, but basically it has set us way back financially. It made me mad for a week or so as we essentially had money stolen and it looks pretty much irretrievable. Excrement occurs and this time it occurred all over us. As a result the holiday went thru some changes. Initially the 8 month holiday got shafted altogether, then we decided to go 3 months and more recently agreed that a longer break is important for our own r & r, so it looks like 6 months will do us. We should be able to manage the debt issue and feel its just important to do something that has been in the plans for so long and not lose it as well. As much as we have lost some $$$ it really does help to keep perspective and realise no one has died, we aren’t going hungry etc…

Anyway – hopefully my inspiration will be rekindled as I spend some time away! download l a story divx

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4 thoughts on “Its Been a While

  1. we know what receding cash flow looks like

    I was retrenched at Christmas, on top of losing a business income and investment money in the past 18 months

    life does go on, but it’s not quite as much fun…

    glad to hear you’re still able to take an extended break, let us know if you’ll be in our part of the country, we have plenty of space for camping

  2. Hi mate. Glad you’re still having your hol – you deserve it. Gotta say you’re handling the money loss better than I would (Now just where did I put my gaffer tape, shovel and rope?).

    BTW love you to come to our church planting breakfast and share your experiences with some greenhorns before you go.

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