It’s Been Quiet Here

Its been over two months since I’ve had anything to say on here (and that was to review a Huawei phone… I’ve since gone back to Apple…)

Sometimes that’s just how it is.


Few original thoughts. Few stirrings and little desire to write. I worry sometimes that the writing impulse has deserted me – or that maybe I should just write something – anything to keep going.

But there simply are times when you just don’t have much to say and that’s kinda how it’s been. I’ve got some stuff stirring in me now and I imagine it will spill out on here, but its just not there yet.

I even had crazy domains ring last week to see if I was still going to keep the hosting going… After this long I’m not stopping writing. I love writing and the way fuzzy thoughts can take form on paper so don’t delete me from your list just yet.

I will be back!

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