Its What a Community Should be…

So goes the cheesy slogan promoting Brighton

as a development you might want to live in.

I think yesterday we went some way toward making that bear some truth. A team of about 25 of us – 13 or so adults and the same number of kids spent the day doing a blitz on the backyard of a woman who lives at the end of our street. heidiwacker.jpg

For various reasons she has been unable to finish her backyard off and as her neighbours we felt it would be great to be able to help her by doing it for her.

So friends teed up to get her out of the house, while we moved in at 7.00am and started work. It was all done by 5.00pm and while it was done on a small budget, it certainly was a transformation. From there we hid in the backyard waiting for her to come home and then the fun started.

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You could say she was fairly surprised!

From here it was party time – orginally at the home of the ‘blitz’ the party got shifted to our place… I was so tired I could hardly stand let alone host a party! I was planning on leaving early… end of that plan!…

Despite the tiredness it was great to sit around with Mike & Heidi from our team and a bunch of our neighbours enjoying the glow that goes with having done something that will stay with someone for a very long time.

As the night wore on and we wore out Danelle and I eventually went to bed at 10.00 and left a few people in the backyard. The last laugh I heard was at 11.00 but I couldn’t tell you what time they went home!

The word for today has been ‘recovery’…

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