Jasmine Valley Eco Resort

A few years back Owen Beck was living in Butler and we would catch up regularly for dinner and in the process became good mates.

He has since got married, moved to Cambodia (left the suburbs…) and set up a fantastic eco-resort called that both offers accommodation for travellers and employment and hope for locals.

Ow tells some pretty tragic stories of how tough life is for those who live in that part of the world. The things they have to do just to survive aren’t what any of us would hope for. So by developing this resort Owen is providing a way out of the poverty cycle and a future for many who would otherwise face a hopeless future.

While they have managed to get the resort up and running and had some great responses to their hospitality (see on trip advisor) they are now entering the quiet season and looking to attract more visitors thru discounts and some contra deals.

Owen wrote to me:

“What we want to do is offer 50% off room prices (which range from $19 to $49 per night, making it $9.50 to $24.50) for bookings before December. If it encourages some folks to come for holidays that would be great! Also, if anyone has kitchen or restaurant skills they can offer to share, we could do a room for time swap. Does that sound reasonable? Air fares are down to $500AUD a lot of the time, so it makes for a pretty cheap holiday in a very beautiful, friendly country.”

So if you’d like to explore more then check out their website and maybe set yourself up for a cool adventure!

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