Jesus for President (and PM!)

 Guest blogger in the backyard: Jarrod McKenna

Our friend Shane Claibourne, that mega-phone of amazing grace is at it again, this time campaigning for “Jesus for President”! dark reprieve dvdrip download

Amish for Homeland Security 

to read an Australian take click here

For a video explaining why you shouldn’t vote for Jesus this election click here

So as we go into this weekend, big respect to all those who will remember their identity in their baptism not in their nationalism. Big respect to all those that put precedence in God’s good earth and our ecological crisis over the economics of greed. Those who prioritise the poor, the orphan, the widow and the refugee the over promises of empty prosperity of Mammon and protection of a military. Those who remember that our primary place of political engagement is not in an election booth but in being the body of Christ together and living the politics of peacemaking and compassion that are the very texture of the new creation. This I pray for us all regardless if you vote or not. 🙂

Lockridge Community Garden

That’s what us Peace Tree crew will be seeking to do.  In response to the gang related murder on our streets we’ll be firing up the wood fired pizza oven in our Lockridge Community Garden and inviting diversity of mobs to break bread (with yummy topping on it) together.  As Shane Claiborne kindly said of what we’re praying for,

“One of the doctors I met in Iraq said (with tears in his eyes), ‘This violence is for people who have lost thier imagination.’ Jarrod McKenna and the good people of EPYC are prophets of imagination. They are on a mission to create new heroes and sheroes and to reclaim God’s dream for this world. And as they help young folks to learn not to hurt each other, hopefully the nations will take some lessons.”

I think it will be here at the table, in the garden as we share what we have and seek reconciliation we’ll be inspired to find our imagination of a different kind of politics free of coercion.  The politics of grace. All welcome! 🙂 

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  1. As a Garden’s Officer at the local prison, when I see different cultures, ages and even sexualities work together as a group, I discover that in a common goal i.e. a meal, chains can be broken. At a table, in a garden in Lockridge my prayers will be with you. GREAT THING!!!

  2. I hope many come to the table and eat as one community. God will bless your community’s efforts.

    It’s disturbing to me that these “riots” and the death from this incident almost got no reporting on major news outlets. A well respected woman who works in the justice system is missing then found buried in the park gets many weeks of coverage. But, there was no extended coverage of what happened in Lockridge and no wringing of hands over what about our society led to this kind of tragedy and how we should respond. A Maori kid is killed and the reaction is almost like, “Ho Hum. What do you expect from those people? As long as it doesn’t affect us.” It tells us about how the “major” news services report various events and what makes the news only serves to distract from what our community should know about.

  3. Grendal you crack me up. 🙂

    Considering Family first have given their preferences to One Nation (!!!!!) I don’t take their comments to seriously. (I do have a copy of Sayyid Qutb’s “Milestones” wouldn’t they love that!! 🙂 )

    My mate Adrian Glamorgan has written a very funny “what I like about everyone” post here:

    About Family First he writes:

    “They think families are important. So do I. I might have a different definition of family, but at least the Party brings a new lens to politics. About families, presumably. And firsts. I’m very in favour of firsts. How could you not be? Unless you were a second. I think we should make seconds, first. Just to be fair. Working it into a slogan might take a while.”

  4. Jarrod I’ve said it before

    you’re ace

    you Peace Tree mob are an inspiration in your committment to your community which I am privileged to share


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