Job From Another Point of View

Today was Danelle’s 37th birthday so we took the day off and headed into the city to wander, have lunch and hang out. It was nice to be able to relax together while mum and dad looked after the kids.

We had lunch at ‘Secret Garden’, a little cafe down a laneway off Murray st. The Moroccan burger was great (Danelle’s choice) but my salt and pepper squid was a bit bland. I have to say that friendly staff can often make up for average food and this was the case today. I’d go there again on the strength of the staff!

We went to the Art gallery after that and looked at the ‘Under God’s Hammer‘ exhibition as well as the collection of indigneous art. It was intriguing to see how the Job story was portrayed by these two artists and their understanding of the prescence/absence of God in the whole thing. The piece of aboriginal art that was most striking was the image of an aboriginal father dressed in suit and tie holding hands with his daughter (I am guessing) which was overlaid with some 1950’s (?) research on aboriginal people describing them as lazy, unambitious and poor with money. It was a powerful 3 part depiction and I won’t do it justice here.

I wished I had longer to chew it all over, but it was off to 130’s for a coffee and cake! Since January last year I have had a 2 free coffee and cake voucher that I haven’t used, so today we cashed it in. (Thanks Dave Meldrum!)

130’s is regarded as one of Perth’s most popular coffee joints, but I have always found the staff a bit stand offish and so have chosen to use Greens instead. As for the coffee… it was nice, but not earthshattering. The lemon lime brulee pie with fair dinkum whipped cream (not out of a can) was fantastic though! The staff were… well… I think I’ll stick with Greens!

3 thoughts on “Job From Another Point of View

  1. That exhibition sounds great – I am a big fan of the book of Job, and had the opportunity to study it under the man who wrote the Tyndale commentary – a great privilege. I would love to see the story represented in art. I wonder if it will show in Melbourne?

  2. Depends what you want – if you want coffee go to 130’s, dare not go to greens unless you want a bitterness left in your mouth that your wife can taste when you kiss her when you get home. If you want space and nice staff I’d go to greens and order a coke.

    Buy coffee at 130’s and go drink it in greens???

  3. Ahhh see the problem is at leederville you are literally on the wrong side of the tracks – west perth is where the coffee is at

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