John Safran Crucified

Aussie comedian John Safran of ‘John Safran v God’ fame was crucified in Manila over the weekend. The Filipinos have an interesting tradition whereby real people actually undergo a form of crucifixion during the easter period. It is a mix of superstition and a catholic view of penance that leads people to either be whipped or nailed to a cross.

The longer article found says: “The crucifixions, although not formally endorsed by the Roman Catholic church, are carried out as part of religious vows in return for favours granted or in penance for sins.”

Safran has been quite the spiritual sojourner, so it will be interesting to listen to what was going on for him in this one…

5 thoughts on “John Safran Crucified

  1. Just saw the photos. The wig was funny, but he wasn’t laughing when the nails were in!

    You can never say he didn’t find out!!

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