I am reading fewer and fewer blogs these days, but one that I keep coming back to is that of film maker and media consultant Phil Cooke. I like Phil’s feisty approach and willingness to ask hard questions.

So recently I have been reading ‘Jolt’, essentially a how to book on changing your life. I haven’t been particularly looking for a book on personal change, but I found this one valuable. Once I got past the rear cover endorsement by Joel Osteen I began to enjoy some of Phil’s insights.

The book is an easy read with plenty of stories and practical examples, but it does offer some very useful and sane insights into how a person can change a humdrum life into a meaningful one. I found his chapter on priorities helpful as I reckon we all need to know our not negotiables if we are to live a life that is true to ourselves.

I wouldn’t describe the book as a life changer as much of what Phil says is John Maxwell (or similar) repackaged. But occasionally its good to read a book like this just to provoke reflection and assessment. I don’t think there will be any massive jolts coming out of it, but I think I can say it was a decent and easy read.

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