Jury Out

Yesterday I stripped the bits of my car to get to the crankshaft pulley.

It is well and trulyu cactus with a large split thru it. The question though is whether the crankshaft is able to hold a new ‘key’ and work the pulley that I will get at the wreckers tomorrow.

So far I have one ‘yes’, one ‘no’ and one ‘try it and see’…

If it all goes to plan then I’ll be out of this mess for a couple of hundred $$$. If not then it’ll be the $1000.00 plan…

I’m praying pretty hard for the second hand pulley to fit. Mark, my neighbour who is a farmer and live across the street has offered to help me fit it an reckons all will be well.

Its been great to discover a whole bunch of people round here who are willing and able to help if I ask. One guy has offered to do an ‘all nighter’ pulling the motor out, if needed, but to be honest I don’t even want to do that!

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