Just another day…

Yesterday I went fishing with my brother. Pretty straightforward you’d think… and it was, until we came back to the marina and tried to get the boat back on the trailer.

As I normally do I hopped on the front of the trailer and began walking out to grab the boat and float it on. But I slipped and landed on my butt on the trailer bar. I also banged my leg. I thought it was just bruised until I looked closer and discovered that it had been cut open by a protruding bolt. It was a deep, nasty cut and looked fairly ‘meaty’.

Dsc00851 I felt a litle woozy and went over to chill out on the jetty for a few minutes while my brother and the guy in the next jetty tried to get the boat on… rather unsuccessfully… It is a big heavy boat and if you don’t know what you are doing it can be hard to set it up right.

The guys got it on as best they could and Steve went to drive the whole lot out of the water. I lay back to rest only to hear a rolling sound… The winch spring had just broken and the boat was rolling off the trailer. Thankfully we noticed before it landed on the concrete.

The guys tried again but it was skewed…

They tried to push the boat back off the trailer to realign it. In doing so the whole set up began to move backwards – boat and 4WD! While they looked rather dumfounded I had an adrenalin rush and charged across to get the foot on the brake before we submerged the car. Got there just in time…

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From there I thanked the other guy and told himto go home. I figured I was just going to have to get it on, so with a pair if trakky daks tied round the hole in my leg to stop the bleeding and now dressed only in jocks and t shirt began to try and manouver the boat onto the trailer.

We got there – not straight, but drivable… It’ll do…

We came home and took the mandatory photos and then I drove down to Joondalup hospital where I spent 3 hours waiting to get stitched up before heading home for dinner with friends. Its nice when you have people around who don’t mind if you fall asleep in their company 🙂 I lasted till 10.00 and then nodded off mid conversation only to wake up at 11.30 when they were going home. I didn’t feel too bad as Nick had gone to sleep too!

Unfortunately the day’s surfing with local Brighton kids, that was planned for tomorrow is now not going to happen.

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