Just Do Something

A few weeks back at the end of the Forge intensive I wrote about the challenge I felt God was putting to me to get involved in some way with the whole area of justice and marginalised people.

I said that this time I would do something. I wasn’t sure what… but it would mean something.

Last week after I had been praying about this question an opportunity came up to get involved in a person’s life on a regular basis. I won’t say any more than that as it would not be appropriate, but I sensed it was a genuine ‘God moment’.

I actually sensed that maybe for me this type of engagement is going to start as a spiritual discipline. (It may even stay as a discipline) We use disciplines to help us become the kind of people we don’t naturally become and I sense that I need this to help shape my character in a way that it does not naturally gravitate to.

The another thought hit me.

Every time I hear someone speak about the issues of justice and marginalisation I find myself cheering – ‘yeh! great idea! lets go!’ and a few days later I have forgotten what I heard and it is business as usual. I really do like the idea of doing something, I am genuinely inspired, but my passion just seems to fade out…

I doubt I will ever be someone with the passion for justice that my mates like Steve McKinnon or Andy Broadbent have, but that’s ok (to a degree).

What struck me as I pondered this is the fact that I rant a lot about evangelism – about getting out there and having a go – about the fact that its not rocket science and its not that difficult. I sense that usually when I have finished preaching people feel like they want to do what I have been talking about. But… just like me and the justice thing – most lose heart quick or it drops off the radar.

I understand that better as I have been processing this stuff on justice.

I am speaking about evangelism and mission again tomorrow night and I want to say ‘people just do something’. If you are not a natural evangelist (and 90% of people aren’t) then don’t drop the ball altogether. Just do something. Make evangelism and mission a spiritual discipline and train yourself into a new way of being.

I am hopeful that as I do what God has called me to in the area of justice that I will actually become more aware of how he sees things and Imight actually start to re-orient who I am and how I live.

I have often said to people that small steps forward are better than no steps at all. Probably should take my own advice…

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