Keeping it Simple

This is another post in the interests of helping people see simple reproducible spiritual practices that can be used in a church setting.

– 3 Psalms – choose your own – (I used 13, 19 and 100 – all a different vibe)

– read the Psalms aloud right thru while people listen or follow along

– each person chooses which Psalm they identify with most closely

– journal some thoughts about why

– meditation/reflective exercise looking back over the last few days observing activities, feelings, high points, low points, God moments, etc

– journal what you are thinking / feeling as a result and observe any connections between Psalm and your experience

– split into three groups based on Psalm

– talk about what you felt, experienced, sensed God may be saying

– pray

That’s it.

Its not rocket science, anyone can do it and it relies on people connecting with the spirit to make it valuable.


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