Keeping Your Virginity is Way Overrated

In the circles I move in it is traditionally held that a young guy and girl should keep their virginity until marriage and then the wedding night should be the time of ‘giving that gift’ to the other person.

I have long believed that virginity has been way overrated by Christian people.

No – seriously…

I would want to suggest that the Bible more clearly teaches that we are to we keep ourselves pure (and that applies to every area of life) and that is actually a much higher standard than virginity. It’s also a standard that applies after ‘marriage’ as well.

Telling a young person they can’t have intercourse is like telling a P Plate driver not to speed – and by that I mean do not exceed 110 km/hr…

The point is you can get up a lot of speed and not hit 110.

I reckon we set the bar way too low.

I haven’t preached a sex sermon to teenagers for a long time now but if I ever did I’d be saying ‘screw virginity’ (yes a pun…) and shoot for purity. Set the bar high and ask the question what does purity look like rather than ‘how can I drive at 109km/hr and not accidentally tip over the limit?’ (Or just not get caught)

I’m about to go to a wedding this afternoon hence the sudden interest in all things sexual…

I realize many folks who read this wont share my antiquated convictions but I reckon the biblical writers were onto something.

As you were…

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