This came thru from Andrew, who is involved with Kenyans working among their own people. I was talking this morning to a Kenyan friend whose family are just 20kms from the trouble. Please read.

Dear Supporters,

As you are probably aware, Kenya is currently in a state of violent unrest following less than successful election earlier in the week. Day 4 is involved with an organisation which works with AIDS sufferers in the slums directly affected by the current violence. The organisation, City Harvest, is involved in transforming the lives of some of the poorest people in Africa through business, health and social initiatives – giving people a new lease on life and introducing them to the gospel of Jesus Christ in the process.

During our recent visit to the Nairobi slums we were greatly moved by the work being undertaken there and are greatly saddened to hear of the new threats this latest violence poses to the lives of these people.

The purpose of this email is to ask you to share among your contact and congregations news of the current uprising in Kenya (I will forward more information as I get it – below is an email I received from Edward Simiyu, leader of City Harvest church in Nairobi) and ask for prayer but also to ask you to promote a special appeal for funds to go to City Harvest to help them help rebuild the homes and lives of those most affected by the violence.

Edward’s latest email:

Kenya is at a civil and political crossroad this 31st December 2007 morning as we wake up to a day of uncertainty after a night of violence in Kibera; the home of KTDP among other slums and the major towns of Kisumu and Mombasa. This followed the announcement of Kibaki as winner of the just concluded peaceful elections. The nation was largely prepared for a Raila win as early returns indicated so until the last central Kenya votes started coming in to tilt the scale. Claims of rigging were voiced by Raila’s team and a committee put in place by the Electoral Commission to scrutinize the returns.

The tension and unrest resulted to no church services in the city yesterday as public transport was paralyzed.

We do not know what the findings of the above committee were as they worked all night but what we know is that Raila’s and Kibaki’s teams claimed victory by making all sorts of press and counter press announcements right in the ECK’s premises and podium. This made the work of the ECK difficult resulting to the announcement of the winner being made behind closed doors.

Riots followed immediately after the announcement as a swearing in ceremony was hurriedly arranged to avoid a constitutional crisis following the expiry of the president’s term at mid night 30th Dec 2007. We now have a president who many don’t consider legitimate and have to make a choice between peace or chaos and riot to demand justice. Sadly the injustice of seeking justice in this part of the world is that it is the poor in the slums who suffer and die as they already have by battling each other while their leaders go around with high security around them. Secondly, the reality of the battles in the slums is not political but rather a hive of lawlessness to cover up for looting and theft of private property.

What Kenya asks of you is that you pray for restoration of calm and unrest to dissipate. That torching of houses in the slums will stop and that Kenya will wake up to a sense of responsibility and stop destroying a nation built over 44 years as leaders haggle over a 5-year term.

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5 thoughts on “Kenya…

  1. does it ever Rob!

    We were discussing last night just how bizarre life is when we have conversations about ‘recreational choices’ and others struggle to live…

    sometimes its hard to know where to go with all of that

  2. How true …..

    was Louis Armstrong right when he sung – “what a wonderful world”? – when the mascara is wiped away from our lives – I think then we begin to see the reality of the world in which we live and the sad thing is, the Church as a single voice remains quiet. Must fill our lives with junk and noise and self importance to keep away the truth in which 2 billion people on this planet live.

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