Kicking Back in Katherine

We’ve been in Katherine for a few days now after going to Lake Argyle (well worth the drive off the main drag) and an overnight stop at Big Horse campsite in Gregory National Park – probably better named ‘Smelly Fish’ campsite on account of the smell that wafted around camp all evening!

It felt like a looooong drive into Katherine – it was only 270km but that day it seemed to take for ever. Some days are like that when travelling and for no apparent reason…

We have been seeing a bit of Katherine and also having a bit of down time. It feels strange to get tired when you do very little all day, but I have felt quite weary here. We are taking the kids for a canoe up the gorge tomorrow so hopefully that will go well.

On our fairly tight budget we are reluctant to spend too much on luxuries or on things that are excessively expensive. We are also concious that we could take the kids on a 4 hr canoe trip and they could be over it within 30 mins!

It’s a challenge to do things well, spend enough but not too much. Thankfully we are very good at finding things to do that involve minimal cost. We have averaged $650/Wk thus far (thanks largely to money saved on accom) so we have a little fat in the budget. Half of me says save it for a rainy day (like a broken camper axels or a blown gearbox) and the other half says ‘spend it and enjoy it!’

Anyway that’s where we are today…

I must add that as much as I am not a fan of daylight saving, we have enjoyed being on NT time as the sun comes up around 7 and goes down about 6.30 rather than in Kununurra where it was dark by 5.15pm

We will be here till Saturday and then we are heading to Kakadu, Darwin and Litchfield before heading out of NT

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