Kidless & Wifeless

Until Friday I have no children and no wife…

Danelle and kids have gone to stay with her mum and grandmother for the week on the other side of the city.

Right now I’m thinking about how much I will miss them… and also how much I will sleep in, stay up late, have fun, hit the beach etc etc…

Yes it will be tough!

Actually I’m thinking a two day retreat to Lancelin might be just the trick for getting focussed. Right now I feel like I need to settle in and chew thru some serious prep work before Feb hits and I am overloaded.

After a year of long service leave and relative ease I am feeling the pressure of deadlines and commitments again.

Maybe its just that I am being called to a life of surfing, sleep ins and watching the cricket? (Funny thing is thar after 2 years of kids I can’t stay un bed past 7.30am)

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