Kindred Spirit

One of the real benefits of my ‘job’ is that I get to hang out with some wonderful people.

I had an email last week from Darryl Gardiner

telling me he was coming to perth and expected to be having a coffee with me. No problem there. Even though he’s a kiwi, (:)) Darryl’s a bloke I love to hang out with – a man’s man, a no frills fella and a genuine godly bloke.

I picked him and we had that coffee at 10.00… and then another at 11.00… and then it was time for lunch… We got home some time after 1.00 after three hours of sharing hearts and laughs, encouragement and inspiration.

I love that kind of uncluttered male friendship where you can pick up after 12 months, laugh at fart jokes, share (true) mission stories and go deep deep into the guts of life, then pick up and leave knowing that in 12 months time we’ll do it all again and enjoy it just as much.

Kindred spirits.

Thanks God for Daz and the others like him in my life who I share the journey with.

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