Kurt Nilsen has a Beautiful Day!

I’ve got to say a big well done to the podgy Nowegian hobbit plumber who kicked some huge butt (esp the US judge!) to win World Idol. I reckon this guy was the pick of the crop and definitely deserved to rank as highly as he did.

Unfortunately it seemed like that only words of English Kurt could speak fluently were the lyrics to his song so the post win interview was rather brief! Although one look at his face definitely told you what he was feeling.

It was a great response by the guy who was called ‘ugly’ by the judges.

Meanwhile our own Guy Sebastian finished up as a very average idol with 5th and 6th placings being the norm. No shame there – he is obviously a great artist and will do very well.

I have to confess I actually got interested in this whole thing after watching the world idol finals – but more than anything I was hoping Kurt would stick it right up the judges who were rude to him.

I think we could safely say he did that…

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