Larry & The Pendulum?

I am about half way thru Larry Crabb’s book Becoming a True Spiritual Community

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and finding it interesting but also a little puzzling.

It seems Crabb has almost done an about face on the value of counselling and other similar practices and now advocates ‘spiritual friendship’ and ‘spiritual direction’ in their place. If I read him right he seems to be saying that all issues require a spiritual/divine/supernatural solution rather than using the more theraputic methodology.

There are some appealing things about what Crabb is saying, but by the same token he seems to have created a ‘spiritual’ approach and an ‘unspiritual’ approach to spiritual growth and resolution of issues. I keep feeling he is pushing the ‘spiritual’ too hard, as if he is compensating for a previous stance.

Did anyone else read it and feel similarly?divx dead poets society

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