Last Days

There is a strange and tense vibe in our home this week as we spend our last few days at 5 Writtle St. We hover between excitement and anxiety as we pack and begin the process of moving.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing as the owner of the house we are moving into isn’t in a good way personally and has left a lot of stuff to the last minute. Yesterday the real estate agent and his mate were moving her stuff as she hadn’t got around to finding removalists. Our real estate agent is a likeable maverick, but his laid back approach has left us wondering and anxious at times. Does anyone else know a real estate agent who moves his clients?!

We did a pre-settlement inspection today and the house was still dirty, the dishwasher broken, the oven not working and several other items were still in the highly dubious category. The owner had obviously been smoking in it as it smelt pretty bad. Not impressed. Apparently the rest of the cleaning will be finished tomorrow…

It wasn’t a nice feeling and while we feel for the owner and their difficult place in life we’d hoped for a lot better. Its not a good footing to get off on.

Then there’s that feeling of wondering ‘if this will work’. Have we made a good decision or are we going to regret this? I am sure some ‘surprises’ will await when we move in, but our goal at the moment it reduce them to a minimum and check as much as we can.

Back here, Danelle has been the ‘packing nazi’ and done a sensational job of getting everything sorted. I still look around and think ‘come Friday there’s a lot of stuff still to be tucked away somewhere though…’ I’m sure we’ll get it sorted.

And then there’s work, and church and speaking on the weekend and… life…

As we drove home today the kids were hyper – both excited and nervous squabbling with each other. I think Danelle and I have both had our moments of wondering if we have made the right decision and the nasty state of the house as we arrived today didn’t help.

Then there’s leaving Writtle St, not a place I have a great sentimental attachment to, but still a significant part of our lives and the only home the kids have really known.

We have bought this house with the intention of doing some work to it and of learning a bit about the process of fixing up a place. On my good days I am looking forward to the challenge… and on other days I just wonder if we are in for more than we bargained for…

But I remind myself that that’s what adventure is about. There is no adventure without at least a little anxiety, so stay tuned to see how this next stage unfolds.

Right now its just stressful – but I’m hoping that will change!

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