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It’s been an interesting start to the year and I have been sensing some changes afoot in the Hamo household, particularly in my own life.

One of those changes is that I am going to be giving up blogging for at least two years if not permanently. It’s a long and somewhat personal story that doesn’t really belong online, but over the last few days I have become increasingly convinced that this is something I need to do.

As I listen to God, I sense some other significant changes coming also, but unless you know me personally you probably won’t ever get to hear what they are now!

I realise this is pretty sudden and ‘out of the blue’, but chances are if I sit on it too long I will talk myself out of it, so I’m just going to ‘jump’.

As I contemplated my ‘last post’ I felt that in the spirit of this blog it ought to be provocative, raw, silly or maybe even a little vulgar” but” nope” this is it”

So, to all readers, commenters and lurkers (is it just me or do ‘lurkers’ sound like people who hang out in public toilets after dark?!) thanks for being part of my life and ruminations these last 4 years as I have shared it online.

I have loved the interaction and conversations that this blog has stirred, both online and offline, and I will miss it a heap.

Hopefully will see you in ‘real’ life some time!

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  1. Very sorry to hear it Hamo, but you’ve gotta do what’s right for you. I’m sure many of us will miss your blog – it has always been interesting, thought-provoking, and entertaining – often all of those at once.

    All the best for the future. I hope to see you back online some time.

  2. Thanks for all your posts over the past few years (including the vulgar and provocative ones). I do hope that you’ll return to blogging somewhere down the track.

    You and your blog will be missed.

  3. Blinking heck,

    who am I going to stir up now???

    Is this the end of the EC Andrew as we know him? Is he going to go all traditional on us???

    Lets look at the facts….

    1. He is attending a small Baptist Church now

    2. His wife is a scrapbooker

    3. He is giving up blogging

    4. He does not smoke cigars

    5. He plans to visit Perry Nobles church and contribute financially if ever in the area.

    6. His head does not fit up his own arse

    dont do it Hamo……

    Thanks for your reasoned and good approach to all things Church.

  4. Well from a completely selfish point of view – that’s very sad news. Apart from anything else, you’ve been one of the few bloggers out there who are consistently worth reading: whether for a good laugh or for other, much more spiritual stuff πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for all that you’ve put into this blog – it’s certainly made a difference.

  5. Hey Andrew, ya gotta do what ya gotta do when ya gotta do it, look forward to seeing you in the ‘real world’. Blessings be you and yours.

  6. I’ll miss your insight, challenges, and input on church. I have especially been encouraged and challenged to rethink church so often as I’ve read your blog. You have helped me to stay on the edge rather than become content with status quo. I’m going to miss that. I know God will provide somebody else, and I also know that, if God’s leading you to do this (if? – you know what I mean), then it’s a great decision for all of us. Walk with Jesus.

  7. Well this is disappointing. This was one of the few blogs with true variety and regularity. But, it was fun while it lasted. Catch ya round the traps Hamo!

  8. Where am I going to get half the ideas for my blog from then?

    Hamo, thanks for sharing your journey. It has been a privalidge for you to let us all in. All the best in in all that you do. There are few blogs that are as good as yours.

  9. *whimpers*

    Hamo, whatever changes are afoot I hope they are good ones for you, your family and your work for His glory. Thanks for the ride these past years. You’re an inspiration.

    P.S. Please feel free to tap into your feminine side and change your mind about blogging any time.

  10. and I just put a link in to your site . . . Oh well. It was good to find you again Hamo. If you’re ever in SA let me know, I live just around the corner, like walking distance, to a couple of McLaren Vale’s finest cellar doors, and coffee is great!

    and Grendel, you’re welcome at my place anytime.

  11. Hamo, I have just come on and you are now leaving?? Mmmm, perhaps this is tag-team and not tagging.

    I have loved your blog. Wonderfully honest and always insightful.

    You should become national director of Forge now that you have got the time. πŸ™‚

  12. hamo, thanks for 4 fabulous blogging years. and for 26 years of friendship.

    i am often tempted to stop blogging but you have beaten me to it. I’m sure your exploits and discoveries will be recorded and blogged by the next generation.

    see you in Perth soon . . . later in 2007???

  13. [checks to see if it is April 1] Nope, he must be serious!

    And Glenno – I’m actually going to be in Adelaide in a couple of weeks for work.

  14. hey Hamo, thanks for all your wonderful and interesting incites into your life. Whether or not it is a good thing, when we started Personal Formation for acom last year I felt I already had a connection with you through your blog.

    I know this decision is something you have thought about and know it is something you have had to do, but we will all still be sad about it:)

    Good luck to you in the future, hope I catch up with you around the traps sometime!


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  16. Hey Hamo,

    So glad I got the chance to talk with you before now. Looks like I got in just in time.

    Obviously a tough decision but one that feels right for you. Good luck making and living all the new changes that will come in the next two years. Hope to find you online again in the future!


  17. Hi Folks

    I have just got in (from ‘Planetshakers… what a day to stop blogging!… nuff said πŸ™‚ ) and read your comments – thanks a heap!

    I would really like to be back in a couple of years, but for now this is the path I feel is right.

    It has been a lot of fun to share the webspace with each of you and to learn and laugh together.

    Now I will just have to be vulgar in private… oh yeah… I already do that!

  18. I have a feeling this won’t be the last we hear of Hamo.

    Maybe I’ll start a HamoNo site and bait Andrew to comment? And then ban him? πŸ˜‰

    We’ll miss you, Andrew!

  19. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do I reckon mate. It was good to have “met” you and exchanged thoughts the last couple of years. One of these days we’ll cross actual paths. Grace and Peace to you.

  20. Thanks for everything. I’m a little puzzled by the need to stop blogging when transformation takes place, since I got into blogging because of just that. Don’t you feel you could benefit from the online community in your transistion? I’m not questioning your decision, just wondering.

  21. Man, I will miss your perspecive too Hamo. You’ve been refreshing and inspiring. Any chance you’ll be in Sydney or the Gold Coast in March? Me and the fam are visiting my Dad in Sydney and My Nana near Coolangatta. [Yes I’m a Yank who understands that like New York to LA in the US] I was just wondering if you’re doing a cofernce or something. I had to ask since I’m coming all that way. Prov. 3:5-6, Peace.

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  23. I echo other posters in that I’ve found your insights colourful, stimulating and always lots of fun. Next time I’m heading through the west it would be great to catch up.

  24. Hamo, thanks for the blog and keeping me sane and entertained. I have always enjoyed your outlook & perspective on things. All the very best in the future and God’s richest blessings. Phil

  25. Hamo,

    Although I didn’t comment much I received much hope and inspiration from this site, bro. You and the other crazy Aussie’s have had great impact on me and several other Denver dudes who are jumping in the missional/incarnational waters. I’m sad, but something tells me this takes courage and youre a better man for it. Thanks for the fine work on the blog.

    Grace and Peace to you…

  26. Hamo,

    I’m very sad to see you go, but praying for the best. Your blog has given us a window into your soul. To many of us you have become like a friend.

    GOD willing we will meet one day

  27. Again – thanks for the comments folks. A few responses:

    * HamoNo? – I’d be banned within a day Darryl!

    * Pastor Astor – fair question and without going into heaps of depth, here’s a reason – sometimes the visibility of the web and the subsequent inferences people make about who you are because you have a web site and can write stuff well can make you seem like someone you aren’t or can unconciously put you and your community under unnecessary pressure. That’s been part of it, but essentially I just hear God saying ‘stop for a while’!

    * Randy – sorry won’t be over that way!

    * Simon – would love to meet up if you get this way.

    * Eddie – my prayers are with the English cricket team πŸ™‚

    Thanks again guys.

    If anyone would like more insight into where I am at then drop me an email and I’ll share a bit of what I have sensed God saying – it would be stuff I wouldn’t blog.

  28. hey hamo,

    gutsy call, or should I say step of obedience, well done. Still hopin to catch up properly for that comparative chat… does this change anything at all within your local community?? mate well done and hope to catch up sometime this year when you’re over east…

  29. What’s an American to do when he can’t go grab coffee with one of his favorite bloggers???

    Will miss your insights into the world, your sense of humor, and your passion for Jesus. Wish I could visit but I don’t live in Melbourne anymore! Anyway, if you’re ever out my way (I’ll be at Asbury in Kentucky starting in a few weeks) then look me up and we’ll see if southerners can make a decent chai.

  30. Sorry to hear you are leaving the web, but keep in touch and look forward to ministry with you in the future. Say hi to your family and thanks for your prayers during our trial.

  31. Good on you Hamo, big decision but I’m sure you’re doing what God is telling you to do.

    You’re a great man and if you have ever doubted your effectiveness then may these comments be a testament to the influence you have on many people around the world.

    I’m lucky being in Perth and being able to hang out with you, so see you soon.

  32. Sorry to hear that you are leaving Hamo, I’ve enjoyed reading what you have to say. I’ll just have to wait now, when you make the trip over to Melbourne, and listen instead.

  33. All I would say Hamo is don’t feel bound by this decision. With the passage of time you may feel you have something to contribute that we can all learn from.Thanks for your thoughts over the years.

  34. Wow! I just came across this last post and yeah it was out of the blue!

    I have to agree with Barro that it was a gutsy call , or step of obedience! I know your family and communitas will appreciate the time and attention away from the PC!

    I do look forward to getting to know you and travel together in the Forge network!

    God Bless!

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  36. Far out….I’m getting used to people having blogging fasts or posting less frequently….but no more Backyard Missionary full stop….now that’s going to take a while to get used to!!

    Your online presence will be missed but you gotta do what you gotta do Hamo.

  37. Just wanted to add my thanks for all you’ve shared here about life, faith and mission. You’ve challenged and inspired me. Hope the changes work out great – enjoy the journey.

  38. God’s peace with you as you continue on your Journey.

    You have been provocative, vulgar and on the edge but most of all an inspiration


  39. All the best for the future. I never knew anything about the EC until I discovered your blog. It’s been a learning experience, and a good one at that.

  40. Hammo,

    Thanks for sharing your life and musings for the past couple of years.

    I hope your ministry is fruitful and fiathful.


  41. I stopped blogging a while back myself, but found myself loitering around some of the old haunts today and see you retiring as well. thanks for the conversations and thoughts. All the best with your ventures!



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