Leederville Cafe Update

As much as I have worked in Leederville for the last 4 years, I would still describe it as something of a coffee wasteland – which is somewhat ironic given its location and the huge number of cafes.

Recently Sayers cafe opened and as well as doing very fancy food they can knock up a pretty good brew, using 5 Senses beans. The food is very nice but a bit too gourmet for the average punter.


Today I dropped in at the newly opened ‘Cranked Cafe‘ just opposite Kailis Bros and was pleasantly surprised by the presence of good coffee (fiori) and a barista who seemed to know what she was doing. I only grabbed a takeaway but this little cafe has the feel of being open, spacious and at this stage reasonably quiet. Some of the bigger cafes get so noisy that at times you spend a silly amount of energy just trying to listen to the person you are with. Give these guys a try!

And finally… the old ‘Greens’ cafe has been re-opened with a whole new look. The main area is decked out with back to bck couches and it does look very open, spacious and cool – kinda like an upmarket and renovated 130’s – which would make sense because both cafes have the same owner now. I’m not sure what coffee they use and I’m probably not likely to find out. I have never been a 130’s fan, purely because of the very dodgy service I received there on the first occasions I went. I don’t know the name of the new ‘Greens’ but if you know where it is then you’ll know where to look

8 thoughts on “Leederville Cafe Update

  1. Did you say Sayers opened recently? I thought it had been there for ages…and I love the food! Especially breakfast.

    And i have been to the new greens twice now, but I don’t know what it’s called…we have been calling it greens still! I have found the service fine, my only complaint is that the toilets are still unmarked…you see people walking around nervously, quietly desperate…the toilets are up the stairs for future reference! But even when you get there you can’t tell which are ladies and mens. I opened the first door and came face to face with a row of urinals, but i didn’t want to go in the other door as I had just seen a bloke go in. Very confusing…

    I haven’t been to cranked but i like the sound of it being quiet, which the new greens is not at all…loud music from the DJ in the box at the top of the ladder at the back makes it hard to hear. But I still think it is handy to have somewhere to go if you have a larger group…and they are open late.

  2. Cranked is owned and run by the guys at Riders Choice next door.

    You can always trust cyclists to track down a good cuppa. 🙂

    I was in Leederville for the criterium racing on Monday but didn’t get a chance to try the coffee. I’ve certainly made a mental note to ride down there sometime soon.

  3. I love the feel of the new Greens, but seriously, if they’re not busy why can’t they bring the coffee to you? What’s next? The customers having to take the empty crockery back? Perth is so expensive now, and we still have the worst Service.

  4. I was at 130’s the other night and a big spider came down on a web to join me at my table. That really add to the trendiness of the cafe.

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