Lent around the Dinner Table

The decision to enter into the Lent period has been already been an interesting one for us as we have chewed over the question of what to ‘give up’ for 40 days.

It has caused us to reflect on what our life is composed of. What is healthy/unhealthy? What grips us and would be hard to let go of…

At present my in-laws are with us and meeting with our community, so they have been co-opted into Lent also! Tonight and last night we sat around the dinner table and discussed our lenten fasts. (Hirschy has been there as well but he reckons he doesn’t believe in Lent!)

My M in law is giving up sweets, my F in law caffiene, Danelle still doesn’t know (she reckons she has no vices so I have suggested she give up ‘self righteousness!) and I have chosen to forego for sweet foods and cakes for 40 days. The discussion around why we chose what we did was interesting and shed some light on who we are. It was interesting making the choice. I realise what we choose to fast from isn’t necessarily a ‘vice’, but i get the sense that there is little point giving up activities that contribute to our health and much more value in refraining from activities that are potentially damaging to our health.

As we sat around tonight I realised that without even trying we had already provoked some valuable assessment of life and personal habits.

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