Lessons You Learn While Blogging

After 4 years of blogging I have learnt never to blog on a controversial topic after more than 2 glasses of red wine.

I have some thoughts percolating…… and I have just finished my second glass of red…

Its a recipe for fireworks.

Don’t do it…

(Drink the third glass and then really let rip!)

8 thoughts on “Lessons You Learn While Blogging

  1. I have not had a glass of red for a few weeks – and yes andrew the type does indeed matter. Lately I’ve been heading back into Grenache but seeking some peppery shiraz as well. I need a wine budget!

  2. Grendel, If you want to try some quaffable Grenache. As well as some beautiful old 2001 Shiraz & 2005 Reserve Shiraz.

    Come out to Jarrah Ridge wines, 651 Great Northern Hwy Swan Valley..Opposite Mondo Nougat factory. I work there nearly every weekend.

    We also have marinated olives (garlic & rosmary).


  3. Even the marinated olives would be enough! We may not make it out this weekend, but we have friends in caversham and I am sure that I could convince Mrs Grendel to take a little detour when we next pop out.

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