Letter to the Editor

On Sunday night I fired off an email to the editor of the West Australian newspaper. I was angry at the preferential treatment outlaw bikers get over ordinary law abiding citizens.

Basically a well known biker died recently and at the funeral the bikers were refusing to wear helmets and stop for red lights as a ‘mark of respect’ for their fallen comrade. The police agreed to this on the basis that it would save a lot conflict. (and I know there is some wisdom in that)

However it is also allowing 300 people to run the show and do what they please.

My letter asks ‘if when next I attend a funeral I choose not to wear my seatbelt nor obey traffic signs because it is my custom and a mark of respect for the deceased will the police turn a blind eye or am I not considered dangerous enough to be given preferential treatment?’

They rang today to ask if they could publish it. I was about to say ‘sure… that’s why I wrote it… (duh!)’ when I suddenly thought I should check with Danelle… who it turns out wasn’t so comfortable with it being published – given that name and suburb are attached.

I could allow it to be published anonymously, but somehow that feels a bit cowardly.

free alvin and the chipmunks meet frankenstein Hmmmm… chewing on it…

What would you do?

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