Life in the Street

‘Hanging out the front’ seems to be an art form in our street, and as summer draws closer it looks like we’ll be doing a lot more of it. The kids play out there and if you’re feeling a bit bored you’ve only got to walk out your front door to be greeted by friendly faces sitting and having a smoke or a drink. The time of day is usually irrelevant.

This pic is of our next door neighbour’s place where there are regular gatherings of 4 or 5 families from the street to simply catch up. I reckon these folks really know the art of hospitality and making people feel welcome.

Also, I learnt today that when we had first moved in one of the neighbours had me pegged as a drug dealer. Because I worked from home and we had so many people coming and going that was his conclusion…

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6 thoughts on “Life in the Street

  1. There’s probably something deep and spiritual going on here – shared spaces,hospitality, communing with like minded individuals – the discussion of life and meaning. Nice neighbourhood if you can be a part of it. There’s something very Aussie about hangin’ out at your mate’s place and sharing in a conversation about anything and (more frequently) nothing.

  2. This is good – I was under the idea that many in the big smoke had moved to the backyard, it had in fact become another room – that gone were the days of the varanda and what they represented in days gone by.

  3. This picture reminds me of our “hanging out the front” practice on our cul-d-sac. Unfortunately it is only my family and the Canadians next door to us that carry our hospitality to the curb. We often have tailgate gatherings and wave the other neighbors an invitation but they never seem to want to join us. Although, we did have a taker once in a while before he moved away. A young Canadian couple moved in across the street and the husband came over a couple of times. Perhaps Canadians are much more “out the front” oriented than the average run of the mill Texan. Hmmmm.

  4. I’m about to go and do the same thing in my street… ah, suburbia – don’t you just love it?

    Drug dealing – that would be a GREAT way to mix with a different set…

    That’s thinking outside the box – love it!

  5. Hamo,

    I reckon that when you are next taking an evangelism class all you need to do is project that photo in front of people for about 30 minutes without any words and ask them to imagine.

    A picture says a thousand words


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