Liking Darwin

I like Darwin – and that is a surprise. My perceptions from afar were that I wouldn’t like it much at all so it has been a pleasant surprise.

We are staying with Danelle’s cousin in Howard Springs right on the outskirts if town. It has been a warm 30’degrees each day, but the day after we arrived it was like someone flicked a switch and the evenings have got cold. I’m talking wintry type of cold! Again it has made us look at the camper and ask ‘ what will it be like when it gets really cold?!’

We haven’t ‘done’ a heap. We went to the wave pool today and the WWII museum, last night we joined the tourist crush at Mindil Markets (not my cup of tea) and we have had a general look around. I think I like the fact that Darwin is a city – but a small one. It has all the amenities of a Perth, but isn’t as spread out (120000 people isn’t a lot)

I could live here… for 4 or 5 months of the year… No one has said the wet season is no big deal yet. Seems the locals hate it so I doubt I would survive. The absence of a decent swimming/surf beach is a shame but otherwise it is quite an attractive city.

We are here till Tuesday and the plan from there is:

Litchfield 2-3 days

Edith falls 2 days

The trip across to Townsville – who knows?… Maybe a week?…

So by the start of July we should be in sunny Queensland and back by the beach.

We have pretty much decided to spend as much time in the warmer areas as we can, as rain be cold just hasn’t proved to be a real winner in the camper. It means we might see less of the southern parts this time around, but our plan is to do this every 5 or 6 years so next time we will go a different route

Anyhow that’s where we are at!driven online

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