Little Jonny & Big Kev Talk to the God Botherers

Ok – so Kev’s not that big…

I’m sure you have probably already got the email by now, but in case you haven’t, there is a webcast of Jonny & Kev addressing the Christian voters this Thursday night.


You can login here

and have your own private viewing.

It starts at 7.45 in WA and importantly, should be over by the time the Footy Show is on.

5 thoughts on “Little Jonny & Big Kev Talk to the God Botherers

  1. We are Fletch!

    Its a fairly old term now for those of us who are constantly in his ear for one reason or another.

    Depending on its context it can be mildy cheeky or quite disparaging

  2. PHEW! You won me back over, Hamo, by saying “We”!! I spent some time thinking about it, and couldn’t decide whether it was “people who bother God” or “people who bother with God”. 😉 Clear enough. As long as you bother God WITH me, and you’re being cheeky….not disparaging, you’ve still got me. Blessings!

  3. Hamo – it seems you have to be a ‘Church’ in order to view this – it is not accessible unless you pre-register and registrations close at midday tomorrow – some of your readers may want to know that and if you intend to watch it you will want to register as well.

    “Bean There and Back Again” church of the holy coffee bean with Pastor Grendel presiding was apparently not an appropriate registration. . .

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