Local Heros

Its been a good day but a full one.

This morning I headed out for my first dive since finishing my course a few weeks back. It wasn’t too much of a worry as two of our close friends here in Brighton (who came with me) are scuba instructors and I felt very very safe.

We chugged around the first reef out at Mindarie for an hour or so and had a very pleasant dive. I was offered the opportunity to go out again tomorrow with another new acquaintance from around here, but I need to hang at home for a bit more tomorrow.

Then this afternoon we headed up to the hills to visit a couple of real ‘local heros’, our friends John & Angie Wilmot and their 6 kids. Its a looong drive to Parkerville from Brighton, but it is well worth it. These guys are missionaries and aid workers in Malawi back in Perth for a break. Its also a privelege to say that they are also part of our support crew in prayer and $$$.

Because they are missionaries too they really ‘get’ what we are doing and why/how we are doing it. They get that Sundays aren’t the priority, they ‘get’ that it is a long journey, they ‘get’ real discipleship…

John and I went thru Theol college together and both got set up in reasonably contemporary churches, but both have felt the call of God to grass roots mission and evangelism. We don’t see each other often but when we do its good to catch up. We arrived at 2.00pm and left at 6.00pm. Some people you just love being with!

Don’t invite John to speak at your church unless you’re ready for some serious challenge and confrontation. He doesn’t mince words but has some great stuff to say.

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