Looking at Luke

Yesterday afternoon I spent a few hours reading Luke and asking the question – ‘how did Jesus connect with his local community?’

A few observations from that reading:

– He does a lot of preaching and dealing with demons!
– Much of what happens in public places in the ebb and flow of life – Jesus seemed to be quite visible to the loal community and ministry flowed out of the shape his life was taking.
– He used the synagogue as a forum for teaching and communication – even if his teachings were unplalatable
– He was often in people’s houses eg Martha/Mary, Simon, Zacchaeus – but I can’t remember seeing anyone in Jesus’ home… Does that anything in particular?
– People sought him out when he was out in public
– He spent time in non-Jewish contexts with non-Jewish people (Samaritans)

I’m not sure what to make of it all – perhaps I need to preach more and cast out a few more demons! Jokes aside I’m sure the demonic issues are just as real for us in our rational 21st C world, as in his but it seems to be a difficult matter to broach.

“Excuse me, I don’t think its an eating disorder I think its a demon!…” Maybe not…

Anyway that’s what I saw FWIW!

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