Looking Back Looking Forward

Tomorrow is our first ‘end of year’ review that we will have as a team. We have asked someone to come in from outside who knows what we are about to help us reflect on the year that has been, both as a team and as individual families.

I am hopeful that we will have a decent review every 6 months – that way we don’t lose our way or get hung up on stuff that doesn’t matter. It also means we all have to check where we are at in relation to our involvement in the mission here in Brighton. Its all too easy to just ‘come to church’ and we desire much more than that.

The day starts with our first leadership team meeting from 9-12 and then our team review from 1-4pm.

The key issues for discussion are:

– how we structure ourselves for growth and inclusion while keeping on as a focused mission team – this is a huge challenge!

– developing sustainable community rhythms – avoiding meeting mania yet meeting often enough to build community and get things done

– identity – do we need a name and a greater sense of identity…

– finance – how we manage money

These are all questions that a group faces when they realise that just hanging out together doesn’t take care of the finer details. We are entering a new phase of development and I think it is a healthy situation.

I’ll let you know what we come up with as we talk tomorrow.

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