Love this week!

I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Its the holiday you have when you’re not on holidays!

So few people are at work that its pointless trying to function as normal, so this week has been a ‘hanging with friends week’.

We spent Monday in the park with local Brighton friends, Tuesday out on the river with Stu and family, Wednesday my brother and I went fishing and the Masons came for dinner and then today we went to the zoo with Nick and Kellie.

Tomorrow Grendel, Ian and I are going fishing again and then Saturday is new years eve where we have no firm plans yet.

Its been really nice to actually have time to hang out rather than catch up and then move on. Hopefully next week we’ll get to see Narnia with some of the local crew and maybe even spend a night camping in Moore River.

It might be a case of going back to work for a holiday!

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