Made It…

We left for Busselton at 4pm today – a really dumb time because we ran right into rush hour traffic. But Ellie had her first dance lesson today so we couldn’t miss it. The traffic was so crazy near Perth that we pulled off the freeway and had dinner and then gave it another shot at 6.15…

We have 4 days of Forge work, consults with churches, catching up with friends (including ‘Toddy’ – who comments on here!) and running a processing day for South West churches

We got here an hour ago and set up the camper. My first thoughts are ‘this is a very small space in which to spend 6-9 months…’

Anyway, the family are asleep and I am using my phone as a modem to access the net and check some email.

I’ll let you know how we go in this little adventure!

5 thoughts on “Made It…

  1. I suggested pizzas to Mrs Toddy to make life easier.

    She said ‘no, I think I’ll do a roast’.

    We gotta have visitors more often!

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