Make Me An Offer…

I was cleaning out my bookshelves…

Yesterday I started to sift thru my youth ministry books – good books, but books that I will probably never ever use again. I don’t like clogging my shelves with books I’ll never read so I regulalry go thru and cull.

I finished up with about 25 youth min books and 10 years of Youthworker journals – 1992 – 2002.

The books range from ‘Purpose Driven Youth Ministry’ / Willow Creek textbook type stuff from when I was running the Bible College course to simple games/ideas books.

The Youthworker journals have been very helpful – even if I am an Australian…

If you’d like this pile of books and journals -many of which are excellent, then drop me a line – make me an offer and they’re yours!

constant gardener the dvdrip

singin in the rain free

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