Mark Sayers

Mark Sayers has some fantastic insights into what is going on in our world and how we are to live and make disciples in the midst of it all.

Mark is a key player in the Forge scene here in Oz and a bloke I have immense respect for.

Now he has a blog

If you’re serious about discipleship in the emerging culture especially amongst youth and young adults, then you must read what Mark has to say.

Here’s a sample where Mark writes about the potential of ‘coolness’ to save the church:

“However there is a problem with churches and individuals attempting to become ‘cool’ as a missional strategy. When we try to become ‘cool’, we only make an attempt to re-dress the superficial to put on a new coat of paint. Sure it will probably mean our churches might attract a whole host of Christians who are looking for a ‘cooler’ expression of church, but we will fail to address some of the core reasons why Christianity is struggling to impact post-Christian culture.

One can’t help but wonder that behind the attempts to be ‘cool’, there is not really a desire for church growth and mission, but rather a deep rooted feeling many Christians have that we are social misfits.” free eraser movie download

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  1. hi my name is stacey a student in aus studying at bible collage! my current topic in Christian Ethics and im looking at advertising, in particular its effect on adolescence, consumerisms, greed,sex and a biblical perspective of the issue, its proved to be difficult finding biblical views and books on the issue so i was wondering if you had any advice or books that could help in this topic or if your willing to share some insight as an interview or as a reference for my assessment. um also if you have any ideas of actual ads that really portraying what im researching. please email me any thing you have to offer thanks


    God bless

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