Married by the Retic Bloke

I went to do a job today and got chatting with the customer, a woman in her 20’s who is getting marrried shortly.

She was telling me about the various problems she has had with her wedding and it sounded like it was wearing her down. Out of curiosity I asked her how much the celebrant charged. She rolled her eyes.

‘$450.00 and he is hopeless.’ she said. ‘He has given us no guidance and never returns our calls.’ I liked her and wanted to help.

‘I do weddings’, I said…

Standing there in work boots and with blue glue on my hands it might have been a tad hard to believe. But after a short conversation I finished up agreeing to do her wedding on a Friday arvo, in a couple of weeks time.

The cost?

I was going to do it for free, but she insisted on paying so I told her I’d do it at normal retic rates. Might have to get out of the trakky daks though…download walled in movie

8 thoughts on “Married by the Retic Bloke

  1. “With this ring…I thee -thread-“…sorry couldnt help myself!! No seriously this is great, I remember our celebrant and he was hilarious lol probably not in the way he would like to have been though 🙂

  2. Cool, Marry them, sprinkle their kids (pre-installed baptismal pop-ups) and if the need arises you can even dig them a final resting place.

    As long as there are no big chunks of limestone.

  3. Do you have the o-ring?

    I get similar looks when I tell people I play something as gentile as a piano.

    The blue glue – classic look!

    Retic rates = trakkies! They’d never forget their wedding!!

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