Mike at his Best

Mike Yaconelli at his firey best – good enough for me to take the time to copy it out!

What happened to radical Christianity, the un-nice brand of Christianity that turned the world upside down? What happened to the category smashing, life threatening anti-institutional gospel that spread thru the first century like wildfire and was considered (by those in power) dangerous? What happened to the kind of Christians whose hearts were on fire, who had no fear, who spoke the truth no matter the consequence, who made the world uncomfortable, who were willing to follow Jesus wherever he went? What happened to the kind of Christians who were filled with passion and gratitude who everyday were unable to get over the grace of God?

I’m ready for a Christianity that ruins my life that captures my heart and makes me uncomfortable. I want to be filled with an astonishment that is so captivating that I am considered wild and un predictable and… well… dangerous! Yes I want to be dangerous to a dull and boring eligion. I want a faith that is considered dangerous by our predictable and monotonous culture?

Dangerous Wonder p.24

For anyone sick of fluffy, feel good faith Mike was a breath of fresh air… what a lossgrudge the online

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