I have just finished a ‘2 day’ retic job that took me 3 days and my body is telling me all about it.

A huge house with an intricate garden design that required 300 individual drippers connected up and functioning not to mention a couple of other idiosyncratic requests. I hadn’t done anything quite so complex so I thought it would be a good challenge and learning experience.

I’m usually pretty accurate with my quotes but this time I agreed to take a job for much less $$$ than I would normally accept.

Yes, it was a good learning experience, but in future I might practice that little word ‘no thanks’ a bit more often.enemy at the gates movie

3 thoughts on “Misquote…

  1. I feel your pain. I just finished laying retic at our house – not 300 drippers, but enough to be glad its over. I actually laid the tubing with the built in drip system, recommended by a landscaping friend – quite good so far. Glenn

  2. A lot of misquoting goes on, not just in the retic game …. prove it – chapter and verse, hah!!! It didn’t start out with chapter and verse though.

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