Mission Malaise

Our annual Baptist Pastor’s conference was a hoot!

Since moving it from Serpentine Baptist Campsite to Mandurah Quays Resort it has improved about 9000%. We get decent beds, air conditioned conference rooms and units and sensational food.

The speaker was a guy called John Kaiser from the US, a kind of ‘2IC’ to a bloke called Paul Borden who has been making an impact all round Australia with his story of how they transformed a denomination in the north west of the US.

While John’s stuff was good it was not new and for that reason I found it a little hard to engage with.
– we must be missional
– we need to have a vision and values
– we need a contextual strategy for mission

That about sums it up.

I think we could all agree on all of that.

The real fun of the three days came in the late night discussions in the units where we sat around and contemplated life, theology and red wine.

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