Missional Discipline

I have a suggestion to put to our team at our next Focus meeting. I’d like all of us to consider practicing the discipline of reflective learning over the next month with a particular focus on how we are engaging in mission.

Here is the daily task sheet – what do you reckon?

Mission Reflections

Complete for each day in the next month. This might only take 5 minutes a day, but it may take longer if you want to give it more time.

It is intended as a discipline

to help reflect on how God is at work in you and in the community we are a part of.

We will share what we have discovered when we gather in 4 weeks time.

1. Where did I see God at work around me today?

2. Where did I share something of my faith with someone today – how did that happen and what did I do?

3. What feelings arose in me as I engaged with people today?

4. What am I learning about God / Jesus / mission / myself?

5. Are there intersections between my current experience in the scriptures and what happened today?

Summary: Before coming to the group take some time to look back and summarise what themes emerge in your journal.

I am hopeful that as we complete this together we will see patterns and trends emerge in our lives and community and it will also bring missional practice to our consciousness. In a sense I am hoping it will train us to be more effective missionaries as we do/reflect/do/reflect etc.

Its not rocket science, but sometimes it takes a disciplined practice to help us move from old patterns to new ways.

Do you reckon people will do it?

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